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While at the design agency Underbelly, my primary client was Facebook. I was given a team augmentation role, aiding teams focusing on Video Monetization.

The team was divided into three pillars, viewer, creator, and advertiser. It was a uniquely challenging space to work in. In most industries, you have a two-sided ecosystem: business and user. In the world of internet video, it is three-sided; made up of creators, viewers, and advertisers. Preserving sentiment for all three was an interesting balancing act, which proved to be a fun challenge.

I was positioned on the Creator team, focused on empowering creators to monetize their content on our platform in order to build a business and grow their career. 

Ad Breaks Open Program

UI / UX Design

UI / UX | Strategy

Monetization Platform


Aside from the client work with Facebook, Underbelly offered me a multitude of other opportunities. I was able to work on their site refresh, in every way from site design to content creation and video art directions. I have also had the ability to grow and learn from conferences, and even host workshops for local students. 

UI Design | Content Creation

Underbelly Site Refresh

Portfolio Photography

Student Photo Workshop | Blog



Teem was a local SLC start-up focused on Conference Room Management Software, recently acquired by WeWork. Working on everything from custom themed displays, to aiding in the early stages of their mobile app development.

UI / UX Design

Custom Themes &  Mobile App

Additional Work


Book Arts | Editorial Design

Data Visualization | Content

Unexpected Rhetoric

Editorial | Typography

In My Head


Apparel Illustration