Given the choice of two brands, we were to create an illustration for placement on an item of clothing. The challenge being, designing something that would feel at home in their shop.

Apparel Illustration


Student Project


We were given the option of a high-end fashion women’s clothing store, or Noongoons, a newer shop, selling high-end punk style clothing. While creating floral patterns sounded enjoyable, there was something about the rough vibe of the Noongoons brand that I was attracted to.

Self-described as “anarchist” the entire brand is clean and modern, yet off the beaten path. It was some strange conglomerate of punk-meets-surf-meets-gangster; I was all about it.

I began exploring all kinds of subject matter; cool looking guys with extreme mohawks, dirty looking couches inspired by Beavis and Butthead, broken CRT-TVs, crows, graffiti, you name it.


But, there was something about this hand, some strange rough pen scratches, that portrayed this skeletal being climbing up your back, peaking into frame. It was more unique than a broken TV, but still managed to strike the right tone, being just off-putting enough, yet maintaining that clean graphic feel that keeps noongoons in the high-end circles.