Unexpected Rhetoric


A class exhibition based on data visualization. The given data set: The RNC and DNC acceptance speeches. Each student, given one speech, was to create a data visualization piece with an agenda.

Data Visualization/ Content


Student Project

The 2016 election was one of absolute turmoil. On each side, the entire race was mayhem. There are various opinions on how it has affected our country, but regardless of political leaning, this controversy has made for excellent design content.


We were instructed to create a poster with a political agenda, based on a subset of provided data. One class was given the RNC Acceptance Speech, the other, the DNC Acceptance speech, as our data subset. The poster could take on any political leaning, but it had to be focused on the given candidate.

I was given the RNC acceptance speech. 

From this text, I devised two posters. The first, “I’m Really Rich”. A language analysis, comparing Donald Trump’s RNC acceptance speech to the language of his campaign announcement speech. The attempt was to highlight the dramatic shift in character between the two speeches. 

“I am Your Voice” was a quote from Trump that inspired the second poster. I exhibited concept this by piecing out various lines throughout the speech, using alignment to push a singular thought, with a spot of red to seal the message.

Together as a class, we designed and built the exhibit, taking class periods to design, cut, and install vinyl signage, wheatpaste walls, and hang each student’s work. We even included an interactive portion of the exhibit, where attendants could hang their own works, expressing their thoughts on the election.