Underbelly Site Refresh

During the summer of 2017, I was the Underbelly Intern!

Over three months, working with one other design, we spruced up the whole site and added new case studies with fresh content, from video to motion graphics.

UI Design / Content

Summer 2017



As the summer intern, I was put on a single internal project for the course of the summer. A team was built around this project, including one other lead designer, a couple of developers, and a project manager. Working in sprints, we began with ideation of the site, finding inspiration, and just seeing what existed in the world.


From this research, we designed a framework for the site to follow. Once the main bits were established, we honed in on content for the site. I and a copywriter worked closely together to write several case studies. A major lesson learned from the project was the importance of copy crafting content. For a cohesive and well-supported story, we finalized all copy first. 

With copy out of the way, we were able to hit the ground running with design. The best part about this was the sky was the limit. If I had a cool idea to drive home the point, we made it happen. As I was wireframing and typesetting, I was sketching ideas for videos and motion pieces to bring the Belly's work to life.

Using the RED camera, with shotlist in hand, I and my design lead went out into the world and began creating content. I got the opportunity to aid in art direction on-set, and even be an extra in a few places. Check out the site here.