Teem is a local SLC startup, specializing in Conference Room Management. I lead design for their custom themed interfaces. In addition, I led the early stages of design for the Teem mobile app.

UI Design

2014 – 2017


Teem was my first introduction to UI. I was a very young designer when I started, only a year and some months into my degree. It was here I lucky enough to be taught the principles of digital design in a hands-on manner.


My work began with the Eventboard Room Booking displays. As part of the management solution, Teem offers custom branded displays to not only make your office more functional but also adding a branded experience to your workplace. 


Often times, I was given a brand guide or logo, and I was given free reign to design the interface for the company. Such is the case with the themes featured here; companies like IDEO, Expedia, and Lyft.


In other instances, more control was held by the business. Here I got my first taste of client work. Together with the company, we would collaborate to build their perfect theme. I was able to interface directly with design teams from various prolific companies, from Airbnb to Pinterest.

In addition to custom themes, at Teem, I also got my first taste of UX. Already familiar with the mobile development team, when it came time to build a room booking mobile app, I was established on the team as a lead designer. 


I fully integrated into the sprint process, and we built this app from the ground up. Beginning with an MVP, with internal user testing along the way, I learned each step of the product design process. This taught me a great deal about the marriage of design and development, and the value of a good relationship between the two.