hey there,

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Britney Scarbrough:

Product Designer, Tech Enthusiast, Cat Lover, Problem Solver.

my background

I am an Alumn of the University of Utah, where I received my BFA with an emphasis in graphic design. During my time there, I worked at Starbucks; because what starving art student wasn’t a barista?  Working at a coffee shop was fun! I learned foundational people skills, and the value of mentorship and management. However, this period wasn’t all espresso and whipped cream.

I was internally coming to terms with making the switch from mechanical engineering (my lifelong dream) to art major. Many questions and curious eyes, many doubting my sanity. I used this as motivation, and I worked to find value in what I was doing.

my mission

The world is changing, technology is growing, and if you only gather one thing from my design history thesis, it should be that artists are needed. We play a very important role. This is why I fell in love with product design, particularly UX. As a product designer, I see myself as the bridge between technology and humanity. What good is all this awesome new tech, if no one can use it? It is my personal mission to make technology accessible to all. To help users understand. To make their lives better from the products I build. To inspire a love for technology in others as I have within myself.

This spans far beyond making some buttons.


Making tech accessible is no small task, and it cannot be done alone. I am a fervent collaborator. Each person on the team plays an essential role. From the engineers building the tech, to the content strategists helping set proper expectations, to the product leaders looking down the road at the long term vision. I make it a point to embed myself in this process every step of the way.


Way back when, when I was making the switch from engineer to artist, I had no idea how much writing I’d be doing. But, communication is key. Often times, the best user experience is not the easiest path, but it is the right path. Articulating these points clearly and emphatically is a big part of the job. I now find myself deeply involved in long term product strategy, pining for all user types, making sure their voice is heard above the revenue numbers.


In addition to strategy, I try to spend time on some of the smaller, user facing aspects. Surprise and delight is more than just fancy polish. Often times it is the sole differentiator in a competitive landscape. Effortless apps, with clean micro-interactions drive a subconscious feeling of ease and trust that simply cannot be forced in other ways.

my self

Outside of standard design, I’m also a human.


I have fun with friends, I love to hike and travel. Viewing the world from the streets is a great way to learn, understand, and gain empathy for the global community. I spend my downtime doodling and dabbling in the fine arts, but also closely following emerging tech on the scene. I’m very excited about the upcoming revolutions in AR/VR, I’m a big gamer, and I could talk to you for days on end about the commercialization of the space race. 


I’m definitely going on a ‘moon-cruise’ before my time is up.

I’m also very passionate about investing in the next generation. I strive to maintain connections with previous professors, and I make myself available to any up and coming students. Having been in their shoes before, I understand the stressors of entering the field, and the multitude of questions that run circles in their head. I have a strong desire to mentor and share, and I love critique. My collaborative nature leads me to consistently seek feedback from any and all sources, and I genuinely love giving this feedback in return.

If any of these aspects are of interest or delight to you,

please drop me a line, I’d love to chat.

Looking for the full resume? Download it here.